Machines of Life, Development and Assimilation: Vitalist Themes

15-10-2014 from 13:30 to 17:30
Blandijn, Grote Vergaderzaal (3rd floor, 130.007)
Department of Philosophy, Ghent University Organization: Charles Wolfe, 13:30 Charles Wolfe: Introduction 13:45 Christoffer Basse Eriksen: 'Artefacts and Living Bodies. On Descartes and the Conception of Living Matter' 14:30 Boris Demarest: 'Structure, Genesis, and their Observability. Epistemology and Metaphysics in the Embryologies of Harvey, Malebranche and Buffon' 15:15-15:30 Coffee break 15:30-16:15 Barnaby Hutchins: '"Everyone knows what life is": Reductionism and indefinability in Descartes' biology' 16:15-17:00 Cécilia Bognon-Küss: 'Nutrition, generation and living matter in post-Enlightenment life science' 17:00-17:30 Concluding (general) discussion